Super Dancer Chapter 4 Winner: Florina Gogoi won the title of ‘Super Dancer Chapter 4’, defeated all other finalists


Super Dancer Chapter 4 Winner: The famous dancing show ‘Super Dancer Chapter 4’ has got its winner. Contestant Florina Gogoi has won the title of ‘Super Dancer Chapter 4’ by defeating the rest of the finalists. Florina Gogoi was winning the hearts of the judges including the audience since the beginning of the show. Now she finally went and made this splendid achievement in her name. With this victory of Florina Gogoi Won Super Dancer Chapter 4) there is an atmosphere of celebration in her fans and family.

Sr.NoContestant NamePositionWinning Amount
1Florina Gogoi Winner₹ 15,000,00
2PruthvirajFirst runner-up₹ 1,000,00
3Sanchit Chanana Second runner-up ₹ 1,000,00
4Neerja Third runner-up ₹ 1,000,00
5Eesha Mishra Four runner-up ₹ 1,000,00

The show ‘Super Dancer Chapter 4’ was judged as usual by Shilpa Shetty, Geeta Kapoor, and Anurag Basu. The judges of the show were also very happy with the title victory of Florina Gogoi. In the finale, Badshah, Terence Lewis, and Raghav also judged the finalists and they all seemed very impressed. There was a time in the show when, while praising Florina Gogoi, Badshah said that I am a big fan of Florina. Whenever he has a show, I will buy a ticket and watch it.

The judges of ‘Super Dancer Chapter 4’ were very happy with the title victory of Florina Gogoi. At the same time, he also encouraged the rest of the finalists. Apart from the contestants in the finale, the judges also tied the knot with their brilliant performance. The grand finale of Super Dancer Chapter 4 started with a fun performance by the top 10. Along with the top 5 finalists, the evicted contestants and gurus of the show also gave their presentation in the finale.

Let us tell you that in ‘Super Dancer Chapter 4’, out of the top 12, only five contestants managed to make it to the top 5. In this, Florina Gogoi, Sanchit Chanana of Punjab, Pruthviraj of Karnataka, Neerja of Madhya Pradesh, and Eesha Mishra of Delhi were involved. Overall, tremendous dancing was seen in the finale of the show.

Florina got Rs 15 lakh

The 4 contestants who were the runners up of the show have got one lakh rupees as a reward. While Florina has also received a check of Rs 15 lakh along with the trophy.

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